Terms and conditions

Article 1


This Rental Terms and Conditions cover the rules and procedure of rental at TRANS Rent a Car.

Article 2


  • RENTAL CARor RENTED CAR means the car owned by PT Trans Pacific Global  with a certain type and specification in accordance with the factory’s standard and any other equipment and accessories as stated in the Car’s Checklist.
  • CHAUFFEURmeans a person hired by PT Trans Pacific Global to drive the rented car.
  • CAR’s CHECKLISTmeans a form of a valid evidence which is stated the physical condition of the rented car.
  • WORKING SCHEDULEmeans a form which is stated the working time of the chauffeur along the rental period.
  • RENTERor CUSTOMER means a person who rents the rental car.
  • RENTAL CHARGESmeans all the charges payable by the Renter to PT Trans Pacific Global in accordance with the use of the Car and Driver.
  • Websitemeans the internet site www.trac.astra.co.id/reservation provided by us for the purpose of Customer to access information about us and making online bookings.

Article 3

Rental Charges

  • Car Rental Charges

The charges payable by the Renter to PT Trans Pacific Global in accordance with the use of the Car consist of :

  • Rental Charge

The car rental charge in accordance with the rental period. The amount of rental value is stated in the invoice.

  • Rental Extension Charge

The charge arising out of the extention of the rental as of the date of expiration of the preceding rental period.

  • Additional Hours Charge

Excessive usage charge as follows

– An excess of 1 to 15 minutes will be rounded down to the previous hour.

– An excess of 16 to 45 minutes is rounded off to 30 minutes.

– An excess of 46 to 59 minutes is rounded up to the following hour.

Any additional charges which arise subsequently based on the user of other additional services will be invoice seperately.

  • Tax
    • Value Added Tax (PPN)

In Accordance with the prevailling taxation regulation in Indonesia, all delivery of Taxable Goods or Services shall be imposed with a PPN of 10% of the delivery value (unless provided otherwise by the Directorate General of Taxation which is proven). Particularly, for the rental of Taxable Services, if there occurs a cancellation then the collected PPN can not be returned (withdrawn).

  • Revenue Stamp

In accordance with the Government Regulation number 24 Year 2000, the Renter shall pay a revenue stamp for any transaction above Rp. 250.000,-.

Article 4


  • Method of Payment

The payment shall be made prior to the rental (payment in advance), with the following payment method :

  • Transaction by Credit Card

Individual Renters may only make payment by using credit cards type : VISA and Mastercard.

  • Cash Transaction

Payment in cash may only be made as surcharge payment after the expiration of the rental

  • Currency

The payment shall be in Rupiah currency or US Dollar currency. Particularly, for payment in US Dollar currency, the rental value will be converted to the Rupiah currency based on the valid exchange rate and determined by TRAC-Astra Rent a Car at the time of transaction and will become a fixed rate until the expiration of the rental period and the Tax value imposed will be converted into Rupiah currency in accordance with the Tax Exchange Rate determined by the Minister of Finance.

Article 5

Rental Procedures

  • Rental Period

The rental period commences at the time the chauffeur and the rented car arrives at place agreed upon by the Renter and TRANS Rent a Car, and starts service in accordance with the commencement time of the rental.The rental period terminates in acccordance with the rental expiration period stated in the Agreement and the signing of the chauffeur’s working schedule.

  • Rental Price
    1. Airport Transfers
      1. Price including gasoline, toll fee and parking fee
      2. Price is valid for one trip destination
    2. Hourly Rental
      1. Price including gasoline, toll fee, and parking fee
      2. Price valid starting from unit and driver arrived at the pick up point. Additional hours will be charged based on type of vehicle you ordered
      3. Price does not include overnight lodging cost (if driver spend overnight outside city limit) IDR 200,000/night.
      4. If you choose in town package and by any change you go further than 100 km from your pick up point, you will be charged for trip out of town fee IDR 100,000/trip.
      5. For excess hour fee payment, overnight lodging cost (if any) or trip out of town can be done by bank transfer or credit card
      6. Price is calculate base on number of days
  • Rental with Chauffeur
    1. The Renter is prohibited to drive the rented car personally if the rental is with a chauffeur.
    2. For every excess of the intown or outtown service use, the Renter will be imposed a surcharge per hour as stated in the price list in our website
    3. The Renter shall sign the chauffeur’s working schedule at the beginning and at the end of service.
    4. Trip is the trip charge will shall be paid by the Renter is using the chauffeur’s service for an out of town trip.
    5. Overnight Lodging Cost (OLC) is the charge imposed for the use of the chauffeur’s service for an out of town trip if the chauffeur has to stay overnight for such trip. For OLC surcharge Rp. 200.000,-
    6. Paragraphs D-E shall not be applicable for special events of special events or special package made by TRANS Rent a Car.
  • Extension of Rental
    1. Confirm the car rental extension plan to the Rental Marketing Officer at the latest one day before the expiration of the rental period.
    2. Payment of the car rental extension shall be made in advance prior to the expiration of the preceding rental periode. (see article 3.1.B) — car rental charge, rental extension
    3. The extension of the car rental period may by made once only for a period or no longer than seven (7) days. PT Trans Pacific Global will make verification upon the Renter who will extend the rental for a longer period than the maximum rental period stated above. If the rental period will be extended again, then the Renter shall follow the initial terms and conditions of the rental.
    4. If upon the expiration of the rental period, the Rentar does not confirm an extension to TRAC-Astra Rent a Car, then the rental will be deemed as terminated.
  • Reservation Cancellation

Please notice that all payment for the reservation is non-refundable.

Article 6


  • Replacement Car

If the Rented Car suffers damage that needs 4 (four) hours of repair or more, PT Trans Pacific Global will promptly provide a replacement car for the Renter for the time being, without additional cost to the Renter, as long as the damage takes place in the area where a branch office of PT Trans Pacific Global is located. In this case, the Rented Car must be replaced by a car of the same type / class with the Rented Car and in good state of repair and condition and in accordance with the manufacture’s standard.

In the even that PT Trans Pacific Global could not provide a replacement car, PT Trans Pacific Global will give compensation to the Renter, the calculation of which will be done at the outlet of TRANS Rent a Car

  • Goods Left in The Rented Car

PT Trans Pacific Global shall not be responsible for losses or damages to the goods owned by the RENTER, which are left in the car during the rental period. Particularly, the Renter is prohibited to leave valuable things in the car when not using the car and/or not entrusted valuable things to the chauffeur.

  • Insurance

All cars rented out to the Renters are already insured by PT Trans Pacific Global  againts Total Loss Only, Fire and Theft, and Third Party Liability, with the provision that :

The CAR is insured to an insurance company designated by TRANS with a Comprehensive Insurance according to the provisions mentioned in the CAR insurance policy. If there is an accident or loss of CAR, the CUSTOMER is obliged to contact TRANS within a period of 1×24 hours and TRANS is responsible to handle all process of settlement relating to the accident. In the event of accident / loss as mentioned above, the CUSTOMER is responsible for the following matters :

Third Party Liabilities charged to TRANS is a maximum of Rp 50.000.000,- (fifty million rupiah) for each occurrence.

Article 7

Prohibitions on The Car Usage

During the use of rental car, the RENTER is prohibited to do the following :

  • The use the car for bringing goods or loading the car in excess of standard weight limitation determine by the factory.
  • To use the car for purposes contrary to the law.
  • To drive the car under the influence of drugs or alcoholic drink.
  • To make modification upon the original shape of the car, to add or omit genuine equipment and or accessories or the car.
  • The use the car for demonstration, race, rally and political campaign.
  • To transfer the ownership, to pledge, to re-rent to other parties or to use the car for commercial purposes.
  • To carry srongly-smelled luggage.
  • To carry chemical materials and or other materials, which should be carried by appropriate vehicles.
  • To use the car recklessly.
  • To use the car for driving lesson.

Article 8

Applicable Law

The applicable law for this rental is the Laws of the Republic of Indonesia.